Uncluttered Part 12: Rise Above the Noise

When I began this uncluttered series at the beginning of the year I was inspired by an advertisement about storage containers. I thought the trouble with storage containers is we tend to hold on to what we need to let go. We pack away things we don’t wear and our garages are filled with books, favorite sweats and sweaters, baby clothes, etc.

Why are we holding on as if we can’t live without them? I am persuaded that some of us only think we can’t live without them. There is a voice in our heads telling us, “I might need that one day.” Some may even have things stored thinking, “So that I never forget what he/she did.” The challenge today addresses the latter storage container, the one filled with thoughts we need to unpack and throw away.

What are you storing away so that you won’t forget the pain? What voices are you hearing about why you need to fill up another storage container? I believe in my spirit that many of us are not growing and walking out our destiny because we are holding on to the past. We are holding on to thoughts (voices and noise) that need to be replaced with words that give hope, words that give life, words that heal.

It’s time for us to move forward. In order to move forward, we have to stop allowing noise–what happened to us, what was said to us, and the mistakes we made to keep us stuck, to stunt our growth.

Let it go.

Rise above that noise.

We are free to live.

It is time to allow our true selves to shine. We were created for LOVE. We were created to give LOVE. We were created to touch the world around us with LOVE. God’s banner over us is LOVE. He is LOVE.

Rise and shine for Light has come! (Isaiah 60:1)

Stand up and let the breath of the Almighty give you a new life you never imagined possible.

Rise Above the Noise


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