Unpack Your Dreams

Unpack Your Dreams with a Life Coach You Can Afford: A 30-Day Guide to Moving Forward

My life had been a wonderful journey of plateaus and valleys with numerous mountain tops.

This journey is also marked by several dreams coming true.

As a child, I would look through magazines stopping at the UNICEF ads. I declared I would adopt children when I grew up. I have two adopted children.

I dreamed of writing and publishing books while in junior high. I have now published numerous books.

I dreamed of becoming an advocate for abused women. I was an advocate and community resource director for a women’s advocacy center for over five years.

I dreamed of becoming a teacher. I am now in my eighteenth career year as an educator.

Dreaming was the easy part.

Overcoming setbacks and delays while fulfilling those dreams was a process I feel the need to share.

If you have dreams you want to accomplish, Unpack Your Dreams has resources and strategies that will help you get started.

You can hire a life coach who will encourage you to stay focused and recommend resources to help you along the way.

You will still need help following through when you have setbacks or when your life coach is unavailable.

You will have to encourage yourself. You will have to be your own life coach.

Unpack Your Dreams will show you how to be your own life coach during setbacks and delays.

It’s not too late to start fulfilling your dreams.

Click on the link below to order your copy.

Order Here

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