Passing Through

the next is now i'm passing through i'm moving forward to greet the new. what i'm leaving behind was worth it all because it helped me rise to accept the call to keep pressing on toward the prize spreading joy and peace and touching lives with the love of God that never fails i'm pressing … Continue reading Passing Through

Re-Gift #2

My regift today is a song. When the children of Israel faced Jericho, they were just coming out of the wilderness. They were on the verge of walking into their promised destination and they ran into one final wall. At the wall of Jericho, the Lord gave them a strategy that appeared strange, but they … Continue reading Re-Gift #2

ReGift #1

'Tis the season to shop for the perfect gift To give the gift that lasts a while, The gift that brings a smile. The gift that fits a style. Here is a gift To lift Your heart. I have been pondering what to share this holiday season and feel inspired to re-gift some things that … Continue reading ReGift #1