Five and Fifty Years

Five and fifty years
Blessings, trials, mountain tops
Valleys full of joy.

Should I count them all
I would fill page after page
With words and sketches
Illustrating Your presence
And favor over my life.

I met a 92 year old woman today who really touched my heart. She bragged about her age and the fact that should could still get around, she had good eyesight, she hears well, and she can still take care of herself. I asked her who does her nails, because they are very prettily manicured. She responded, “I do them myself. I can still do lots of things!” I want to be like Ms. Alice when I grow up!

My 56th birthday is Monday and I think I’m on track to catch up to Ms. Alice.

I spent most of the last week doing things I normally would not do.

  • I climbed a latter to pick peaches (I don’t do outdoor activities).
  • I taught my puppy to walk on a leash beside me and not run ahead of me (I usually leave pet care to the males in the family).
  • I helped paint a new church (I am sore all over).
  • I baked a peach pound cake (I would nerve put fruit in a pound cake!)
  • I learned the ins and outs of a literacy program at an elementary school (I’ve taught math for sixteen years.).
  • I worked outside in the yard of a perfect stranger (I am “allergic” to fresh air).
  • I displayed two books I’ve written at a newly opened coffee shop in my neighborhood (I’m not pushy).
  • I purchased and shelled a half bushel of peas (I had help from Granddaughter #4).
  • I canned fresh peas and peaches.

I have had lots of fun this week. I am looking forward to the next page in my life. 55 is ending with lots of interesting things and I believe 56 is going to be spectacular.


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