Bowls of Joy

The Lord has done great things for us
And we are filled with joy!

He heals our broken hearts
Saves us from despair.
He protects us from evil
He knows our every care.

He opens blinded eyes
He gives us ears to hear.
He conquers our enemies
We have no need to fear.

No longer are we captive
No longer cast away.
We have life through the Son.
He gave us this great day.

The Lord has done great things for us
And we are filled with joy!

Psalm 126:3

I discovered a long time ago that the key to having joy is to live with a thankful heart. We won’t stay miserable for very long when we start counting your blessings.
Sorrow and misery won’t linger when we start praising our Heavenly Father for who He has been for us. Joy will overtake us when we start thanking Him for all things.
Yes, thank Him for the troubles, pains, and storms. It is during the difficult times our faith is strengthened. We may be weak at those times, but He shows Himself strong on our behalf. Thank Him for that.
There people who are worshiping deaf gods who can neither see them nor hear them. But the God and creator of all things knows each one of us by name and He loves us very deeply.

That is reason to be joyful.


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