Invitation: Praise

Father God,
Every day and every hour
You give to be
Is a blessing for me to see.

The breath I breathe
That fills my lungs
Are reasons for me to sing You songs.

Your goodness and mercy follow,
Your love and truth are protect
I’m not walking in neglect.

I gladly sing
I joyfully praise
You, Lord, for all my days!

Scripture says David was man after God’s heart. He had great faith and he was a powerful king. He was a musician and song writer. His music calmed Saul’s spirit. When he danced to his own music, others joined in. He lived his life with thankfulness and praise.

Jesus often stopped to give God thanks throughout His day. He thanked God for simple and great things because He knew that God is our eternal provider of everything.

We too can live like David. We can pray and praise like Jesus. We were created for it. Praise doesn’t have to be elaborate and pleasing to others’ ears. It just has to come from our hearts.

Praise your way through today. No matter what you face, find something to be thankful for and open your heart, lift your voice, and tell our Holy Father how grateful you are.

Psalm 150


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  1. Certainly praising the Father is always in season

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