Invitations: Come

Are you thirsty?
Are you broke?
Is your well running dry?
Are your pantries almost depleted?

Do you work hard for nothing?
There is no pleasure in what you do.
You work yourself to weariness and
At the end of the day feel defeated?

Listen to what I have to say.
Pay close attention to My voice.
I am speaking directly to you
Things that will change your life.

I promise if you will listen
Things will change for the better.
You can enjoy the best there is to offer
And have it without strife.

I promise you My love
A love older than time
A love that will never end
A love that is faithful and true.

Under My protection and guidance
You can reach the great beyond
Strangers will see My work in your life
Because of Me they will come to you.

They will want to know me
Because of the life you live.
They will seek to understand
The favor of the Most High they see.

Turn to the Lord
Before it is too late.
Call out to Him
He is waiting and ready.

Change the way you think
Turn from your evil ways
Turn to the Lord today
He is always ready to forgive.

The Lord has a plan for you
To show you His tender love
To plant His word inside of you
So it can shape the life you are to live.

You can have joy
And you can walk in peace
You will see the beauty that surrounds you
As you rest in His care.

The world around you will come to know Him
Because your life will bring Him fame.
His work in you will not be forgotten.
It will be a testimony for generations to share.

green mountain surrounded by body of water photo

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In Isaiah 55 the Lord invites us to seek Him–to come to Him.

There is no promise for an easy life, but He offers security and confidence that He is always with us.  He promises to show us His tender love. He promises to surround us with beauty and joy.

He will not let us starve or be thirsty for Him, because He will always be available. His presence will take the edge off life.


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  1. Invitation : Come, blessed my heart. Hope it blesses many hearts.

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