Courageous Heart

I came to your door today
   I thought I'd try again.
     To see if you would open up
   To let Me come in.

I knew you were on 
  The other side
   I could hear you breathe
 You touched the knob unable to decide.

All I want to do
  Is share this gift I have
For you.

To love you through 
   Your pain
  To give you hope

To wash away your sorrow
    To give you joy
   And hope to smile 
     Today and tomorrow.

I will return another time
   Maybe then you will open up to Me.
    To let Me set you free.
      To live, to love, to recieve My all.

REvelation 3 20

2 responses to “Courageous Heart”

  1. Beautiful – will be sharing this in prison ministry if you do not mind.


    1. Thank you! Please share any of my posts that will minister to others.


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