Verses & Flowers: Courage to be Devoted

Holy Father, thank You for today
For drawing me to You.
Thank You for the love You give
And for everything You do.

You are so good to us
You provide us with everything.
You show us how to live
With Jesus as our King.

I know today was meant for me
Because You placed me here in time.
I'm not an accident
You made this world with me in mind.

Keep us safe and free from trouble.
Direct my path and order my steps.
Show me where You want to go
Whose life You want to help.

I'm in Your hands.
All that concerns me as well.
Give me the words to speak
Your Good News I will tell.

I am not afraid to follow You
I'm happy to obey.
May all who I encounter
Feel Your love today.

by C. Mosley

During meditation time this morning, I find myself flowing in verse that express my devotion and courage. The flower is called edelweiss. According to this flower represents courage and devotion. If you are a fan of the Sound of Music, you will recall the serenade to this flower by the von Trapp family. This flower grows in adverse conditions. They bloom and grow in the Swiss Alps where the temperatures can be  frigid and the terrain is rocky.

We are also called to grow in adverse conditions when we choose to follow Christ. People may reject us and freeze us out and we may have to face difficult times because of our faith. But God is always with us. His love causes us to bloom and grow. The more we focus on Him, the braver we get and the more devoted we are because we know we are safe in His hands.

May you bloom and grow as you follow Him today.

Psalm 86



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