Let Love Wash Over

This morning as I prepared to minister to the Lord, I sensed He wanted me to draw. In His still small voice I heard Him say, "I want to show You what my love looks like." So I gathered my supplies and began to sketch the image you see. His love is like the waves … Continue reading Let Love Wash Over

My Future of Hope

Today is another step on my journey To where and who I am destined to be. I see hope in my future days. Each one is filled with praise. I am thankful for the past years. I have no regrets or fears. I'm on course with the Father's plans. My life is in His hands. … Continue reading My Future of Hope

Verses & Flowers: Courage to be Devoted

Holy Father, thank You for today For drawing me to You. Thank You for the love You give And for everything You do. You are so good to us You provide us with everything. You show us how to live With Jesus as our King. I know today was meant for me Because You placed … Continue reading Verses & Flowers: Courage to be Devoted

Uncluttered Part 12: Rise Above the Noise

When I began this uncluttered series at the beginning of the year I was inspired by an advertisement about storage containers. I thought the trouble with storage containers is we tend to hold on to what we need to let go. We pack away things we don't wear and our garages are filled with books, … Continue reading Uncluttered Part 12: Rise Above the Noise