Uncluttered Part 11: Rest

Do you have an idea but are having difficulty getting it off the ground? Are you having trouble connecting with your teenager? Are you having difficulty finishing a project that needs that special something but it is eluding you? Stop toiling over what is troubling you  and go to bed or take a nap.

Would you believe that when we rest and sleep we could have the most inspiring moments of our lives? I recently watched a video about dreams that inspire and learned that the idea for a sewing machine needle came in a dream. There are famous books, poetry, movies, and scientific discoveries that were inspired from dreams. The bible speaks of dreams that have saved nations and lives.

If you are a dreamer, start being intentional about writing them down. You may discover something wonderful about yourself and the world around you from your night visions. You may learn about the next move to make or not to make. You may even discover the key to your destiny.

Resting from your labors long enough to sleep could lead you to the answer you’ve been waiting for.

Night Visions

Job 33:14-16 Living Bible (TLB)

14 “For God speaks again and again, 15 in dreams, in visions of the night when deep sleep falls on men as they lie on their beds. 16 He opens their ears in times like that and gives them wisdom and instruction


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