Flowers & Verses 4: Patriotism says the nasturtium represents patriotism. Patriotism means devoted love for ones country/in support and defense of one's country. This is my patriotic tribute to America for Independence Day. also says that the nasturtium prefers poor soils and they do not need fertilizers. In fact, Almanac says fertile soil produces more foliage than flowers.    … Continue reading Flowers & Verses 4: Patriotism

Uncluttered Part 11: Rest

Do you have an idea but are having difficulty getting it off the ground? Are you having trouble connecting with your teenager? Are you having difficulty finishing a project that needs that special something but it is eluding you? Stop toiling over what is troubling you  and go to bed or take a nap. Would … Continue reading Uncluttered Part 11: Rest

Flowers & Verses 3: Begin Again says the yellow rose symbolizes joy, friendship, and the promise of a new beginning. Everyday is a new beginning, but we often lack joy, valuable friendships, and we long to truly have a fresh start. God offers us joy, friendship, and a new beginning every day because He love us. He says to us … Continue reading Flowers & Verses 3: Begin Again

Help Me Stand Tall

Grief is a strange inspiration, but today it is just that. Tomorrow we will say "until we meet again" to a very sweet and loving family member who left us very suddenly. As I think about how my family is grieving, I am also thinking of the families in the UK where terror is falling … Continue reading Help Me Stand Tall

Flowers & Verses 2: You are Free to Live

The blue iris is said to symbolize hope. The butterfly is also a symbol of hope. Many people miss out on a wonderful future because they are stuck in the past. Don't let your past hurts, mistakes, and failures stifle your joy today. Forgive yourself and others so you can enjoy the gift of a … Continue reading Flowers & Verses 2: You are Free to Live

I’m Still Near

You're not forgotten. You're not being ignored. You're still on my mind. You're still adored. There is nothing you can do No place you can go That my love and mercy Will cease to flow. In case you get lost Do not fear. I will guide you back to Me And make your pathway clear. … Continue reading I’m Still Near