Uncluttered Part 6: Being Genuine

Spring has arrived. Everywhere we turn in East Texas we can see beautiful azaleas and dogwood trees displaying their colorful blossoms. Gardeners are cultivating soils and planting annuals. What I find interesting are the people who actually use artificial flowers to decorate their gardens. I can imagine all sorts of reasons for using silk flowers to decorate a garden, but imagine how disappointed bees are when they fly near only to discover there is nothing sweet to collect.

My pondering leads me to other artificial things such as the disappointment of artificial grass to grasshoppers, artificial grapes to a sneaky toddler, or a plastic replica of the latest iPhone to an eager teenager. The latter is kind of funny, but there are some things that must not be substituted with artifice. Things like smiles, hugs, joy, friendship and love must be genuine.

Give your true self
Enthusiastically and real
Never falsify your worth
Uniquely show your appeal.
Invite others to share your joy
Nurture how you feel
Embrace who you are.

As you go through you day, remember someone needs the love you have hidden inside of you. They need the sense of humor you withhold for special occasions. Whatever talent you are afraid to share, take it out and share it with the world. You were created for something unique and wonderful. Be you today!

Mamas Purple blossoms


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