Guest Poet: Taylon

Today’s poet is a young man who touches my heart every day–my son Taylon Mosley. The following is his tribute to Black History.

Black Celebration

By definition it is ugly,
The opposite of white,
Not beautiful to be precise.
But I find it lovely.

It reminds me of the dark starry nights
The color brings me joy, so for me it will suffice.
Black is the color of my ancestors,
The ones who came before me,
That paved the way for today.

Just being born I became a protector
Of this black heritage you see
So those of tomorrow can celebrate what we accomplished yesterday.

Throughout this month we remember the greats.
From the Rosa Parks to the Malcom Xs all the way to the MLKs.
Remember the ones who fought oppression.
We as a people tore down the gates,
That segregated us, so that one of these days,
We could all live in a community built upon equality & integration.

Black is beauty and more than just a race.
Black is a statement and not just a color.
Black is strong and not just a phase.



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