Love Like You Mean it

I love watching old romance movies–the black and white ones are my favorites. I also like to read historical romances novels. I am fascinated at the way the romances play out. I study the plots and story lines, marvel at the language, and often wonder what inspired the writers to choose the conflict in what I’m reading or watching. I approach music in much the same way. I listen closely to the words and try to capture the artists message.

That may sound funny to some people who do look too deeply into what they watch or read. I’m not strange. I just like to look at things through a different lens that’s all. Since February is the “love” month for many people, I thought I would do something else a little differently than I’ve done. I’ve started posting love videos on YouTube. It’s really fun to create and upload them.

So brace yourselves, you are now at “The Poetry Lounge”. For the next couple of weeks you will find little morsels of love floating from this blog. I hope you enjoy them and share them.

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