A Re-gift for Christmas

The gift I present to you
Cannot be found in a store.
It cannot be found in a window
Nor in a package by the door.

This gift cannot be wrapped
Or tied with a bow.
You might want to shake it up
It will rattle and may explode.

It’s wrapped in special wrappings
Like laughter and smiles.
It’s even wrapped in the arms
Of a hug from a child.

This gift of love, mercy and grace
I present in equal parts.
It was given to me
And it healed my broken heart.

The gift was given to me
And I’m extending it to you.
Re-give it to your family
And your neighbors and strangers too.

This re-gift isn’t just for Christmas
It’s for the upcoming days.
For should you face difficult times
Remember the gift is yours for always.

Merry Christmas!


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