The Path I Travel

I don’t know about you, but I have dreams from time to time that I cannot forget and they keep returning to my thoughts in detail. This morning in my time of meditation, I was reminded of a dream I had over a year ago.

I was traveling on a narrow muddy road following a fuel truck. The vehicle I was driving was an open go-cart type. We were not speeding or going very fast, but suddenly the truck in front me stopped. I kept going. At first I was afraid that I would drive under the tank of the truck and thought it would explode. All of sudden, my vehicle veered off the road and became airborne. As I began to rise, I looked around and noticed the landscape around me was plush and green. When I looked up, I was facing a tall apartment building. Fear set in again because I thought I was going to slam into the building. I started praying for help. Much to my relief, I began to soar higher and higher until I cleared the building. I woke up.

 I don’t know my destination in the dream, but as I meditated on it, I realized that this was a message dream. You see, my father was going through a health crisis. We visited doctors every week for two months. One doctor was convinced that he had liver cancer. Another couldn’t figure out what was wrong, but made some suggestions. A third wanted to remove something, but a fourth refused to do a biopsy due to a blood clot. All during their conundrum over his health, Dad was becoming weaker by the day. Dad’s sickness began in April and continued throughout June and July. I had this dream during that time. I believe God was telling me that we may be facing a difficult time, but we would come out of this just fine.

It wasn’t long after this dream that Dad took a turn for the worse. I didn’t panic and my sweet, sweet, daughter Tennessa rolled up her sleeves to join me in getting him to the ER. We determined that this time we would not leave until we knew what was wrong. It was during this trip that the Lord gave the doctors the intelligence to discover the cause of Dad’s distress. He spent a few days in ICU receiving treatment for a severe infection that tried to take him from us. Within a month he was back on his feet. Now, a year later, he is cancer-free (there was never cancer there in the first place) and he is golfing again.

I am so thankful that God still speaks to us in many ways. He promised that He would guide us and comfort us in our times of trouble. He is faithful. When I remember this dream, I am reminded of Psalms 23. I have a Psalm of my own that I would like to share:

The Path I Travel

The path I travel is ordered by the Lord.

He leads me through valleys and hills.

The path is sometimes a narrow trail in the woods.

It is sometimes a broad highway through busy city streets.

The path may lead me through the thickest of mud.

Sometimes, the path isn’t a path at all.

I get to soar like an eagle.

At time, I glide over rivers, lakes and oceans with mountains just below.

No matter where He leads me, I am never alone.  hills-collage


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