The Garden Prayer

In the garden He knelt

Thinking of your need.

He prayed to the Father

Before you ever believed.

He prayed for your life.

He prayed for your soul.

He prayed that your heart

Would be filled with His love.

He prayed that you would know His love

And that we would have a spirit of unity.

He prayed that you would understand

You were made for His glory.

You were on His mind in the garden

He knew a time would come

When you would just need to know you are loved.

He loved you even before you were born.

He knew that you would lose your way.

He knew then that you would fall and fail to grow.

He knew that His love would guide you back to Him.

So He prayed that the world would come to know Him by the love that you show.


John 17:20 – 26


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