Color the Earth with Love

Color the Earth with Love

In the beginning the Creator spoke and what was void became a work of art.

He spoke and kissed the Earth with shades of blue sprinkled with sparkles of white and twinkles of silver

He spoke again and the skies spread out like a canvas waiting for the Master’s touch.

At the end of the first day pallets of blue had strokes of red, orange, purple and yellow.

At His command the night sky was illuminated with beams of alabaster and pearl as stillness covered the Earth.

Night became morning with shades of pink, violet and beryl dancing across the horizon.

Trees began to wave and clap as ocean waves played a symphony of praise.

He spoke and the animals danced around flashing hues of brown, gold, and black.

He touched the ground and sculpted man and woman, we became His vessels displaying shades of black, white, and tan.

Then He commanded us to color the Earth with love.



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