Peace in the Storm

Krysta entered her cabin and shivered. The rain had started again and she was soaked. “I think I will start a fire,” she said aloud as she started to peel off the wet clothes. She changed and took a long hot bath before curling up in a chair near the warming fireplace. She picked up Hope and a Prayer and began reading My Heart’s Desire again.

Cici folded the last of the towels and put them away. The house was quiet except for the low volume of the television. Andy and the kids were in bed asleep. Cici usually stayed up just a little later than the family so that she could have a few minutes alone with God. As she sat down to Cynthia Heald’s Becoming a Woman of Excellence workbook and prayer time, she began to think about her concerns. She had approached Andy about having another child last week, but he didn’t want the responsibility of a baby at the time. Tessa was their first born and they adopted six year old David when she was five. They now had two school age children and Cici longed to have another baby. However, it takes a couple to make a baby and Cici respected Andy’s feelings on the issue. He did offer a compromise in the form of adopting another older child. So Cici added that to her prayer list.

Cici picked up the remote to switch off the television when the news cast announced that a newborn baby had been found in a dumpster near their neighborhood. Cici’s heart broke. She couldn’t believe that someone could toss a baby away like that. Cici immediately went to her knees and began to pray for the mother and the baby. She told God that if He wanted her to raise other people’s children, then she would gladly reach out to an older child. Cici wept for the baby whose mother threw her away and she wept for the baby she wanted.

For the next few weeks Andy and Cici worked on updating adoption papers. Since David’s adoption was finalized only months before, they could forego most of the adoption red tape.  They held a family meeting with David and Tessa to hear their thoughts about adopting more children. They thought it would be a great idea.

One Wednesday night during the following weeks, Cici’s Bible study group leader, Mrs. Christian, announced that Baby Noel had visited her office. She told the group that Baby Noel is the baby who was abandoned in the dumpster in December. Mrs. Christian worked at a social service agency and Baby Noel’s case worker was in the office showing her off. She shared that they were having a difficult time finding a family to adopt. Lack of family background information and unknown medical history kept couples away. Group members began to comment about their disbelief that someone would not want to adopt an innocent baby. “I would take her in a heartbeat, if I could get my husband to agree,” Cici chimed in. “I cannot believe she is still not placed.”

The following Thursday evening, Cici found a message in her mailbox at work from Mrs. Smith at the adoption agency. At first Cici didn’t recognize the name, but she did recognize the telephone number. When she got home, she asked Andy if he recognized the name, he told her Mrs. Smith had called him as well. “She had called to see if we would consider adopting Baby Noel,” he explained.

“What did you say to her?” Cici gasped.

“I told her we would talk about it,” he chuckled amused at her reaction.

“Well, we just talked about it. What is your answer?” Cici exclaimed.

“If you really want to, I think it would be a great idea. Mrs. Smith said to call her in the morning with our decision.”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!” Cici clapped her hands, hugged and kissed Andy, then hurriedly went to find a piece of paper to begin making a list of all the baby things they would need.

The next morning Cici called Mrs. Smith as soon as she thought the agency was taking calls. Mrs. Smith scheduled an appointment for them that afternoon. During their Friday meeting, they learned about Baby Noel’s health and lack of background information. Mrs. Smith arranged a meeting for the family to meet Noel on Monday and advised they could take her home if we wanted to after meeting her. There was no doubt in Cici’s mind she would be the mother of that sweet little baby Monday afternoon.

The weekend passed quickly with the family shopping and stocking up on baby items. On Monday afternoon Cici held her breath as Noel’s foster mother brought her into the living room. She was beautiful. She looked so much like Cici’s baby sister did when she was a baby. When Cici took her into her arms, she knew that God had given her the desires of her heart. Noel snuggled into Cici’s arms and her heart. She instantly became a member of the family.

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