Reach for Rain

I was recently inspired by this photograph on Twitter to write a poem. The poem led to a book. It’s amazing how quickly the words flew onto the pages. Inspiration will do that to you. The photograph is entitled, Reaching for Rain. Rain has been a literary symbol for sadness, rejection, or despair. But rain … Continue reading Reach for Rain

When Your Role Model is a Tree

I often encounter people who are looking for their purpose in life or they are wondering the next step in their lives. Many of them are really wondering if it’s time for them to move on. They are wondering if they need to walk away from a current relationship, a job, or a friendship that … Continue reading When Your Role Model is a Tree

Peace in the Storm

Krysta entered her cabin and shivered. The rain had started again and she was soaked. “I think I will start a fire,” she said aloud as she started to peel off the wet clothes. She changed and took a long hot bath before curling up in a chair near the warming fireplace. She picked up … Continue reading Peace in the Storm

Hope and A Prayer

Krysta sat at the dining room table overlooking a glistening lake in the mountains of Arkansas. She sighed as rain tapped on the red and gold leaves of the oak trees that overshadowed the stone lined walking trail leading to the lake. It was raining on her mini vacation and she was content. “I needed … Continue reading Hope and A Prayer